Don’t be deceived by their adorable exteriors – this rag-tag group of critters have a caustic sense of humor and an irreverent attitude that never fails to entertain. With popular characters including a nerdy panda, a narcissistic cat, a pair of bird brained penguins, an incompetent ninja, an evil robot mastermind, and even death himself, there’s a Pixipet for everyone.

Appley Rotten

Appley started life as a perfectly well-adjusted piece of fresh, delicious fruit, but one bite to her head left her rotten and bitter.  Now, along with her mutually messed up fruit friends, she concentrates on spreading her bad attitude. Who knew angst could be so cute? And so pink?

Kaboom Bros.

Big D and Lil'B are the Kaboom Bros! Big D is cool as ice, but watch out for Lil'B...he's got one short fuse! Together with their crew, they cruise the streets of Colossal City, looking for trouble. And in Colossal City, there's no shortage of trouble to get into!